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My name is Oliver Sheldon, I am a Web Development student from Newcastle-Under-Lyme. I am currently studying Web Development at Staffordshire University. For the pat few years, I have been Improving my web skills, creating a portfolio of modern Web projects. I have experience with hosting, Content Management Systems, and varius other web technologies.

I am a member of the Boys Brigade, in the 7th North Staffordshire company. I have been involved with the organisation since the age of 6. I am now training to become an officer. Every week i work as part of a team of other officers to lead young people, under the age of 18, in games sessions and other activities. I have obtained the most prestigious award in the organisation - the Queen's Badge (equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award).

For more information see the Education/Skills/Portfolio pages.

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I can construct fully functional, responsive, modern website for your business/organisation or personal use. I am up to date with current web standards such as HTML5. What makes me the best man for the job? Check out my Education/Skills/Portfolio pages to find out.